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The most important fundamental skill in lacrosse is catching and throwing.  Without the ability to catch and throw the ball with accuracy, both individually and collectively as a team, success on the field will be unattainable.  Luckily, throwing and catching is easy to work on outside of practice.  All a player needs is a wall (or a bounce-back) and the time he makes for himself to improve.  (You can also substitute a tennis ball, if needed, depending on the wall you use.)

If you’re going to work on being better player, make it easier on yourself and be sure to use the correct Wall Ball fundamentals.

The Correct Stance: 

  • Knees should be shoulder-width apart and slightly bent

  • Your front shoulder, elbow and chin should be pointed at the wall 

  • Stand on the balls of your feet, not back on your heels

  • You should have a little “bounce” in your feet, never have you feet firmly planted

  • Lead with your left foot if passing from the right and lead with your right foot when passing from the left. 


The Proper Grip:

  • Grip should be light on the stick with your wrists loose

  • The bottom hand should be at the butt of the stick and top hand at mid-shaft 

  • The head of the stick should always in the box  (The 'box" area is above the shoulder to the side of the head extending slightly beyond the top of the head and slightly beyond the shoulder.)

General Throwing Technique:  

  • Always follow through with an over-hand throw   

  • Be sure your bottom hand’s elbow, shoulder and your chin are pointing at your target

  • Keep your head up looking at your target on the wall 

  • Aim for the same target on each throw

Proper 1 Hand Technique:

  • Hold the stick in one hand at its balance point

  • Place the head of the stick in the "box" 

  • With one hand, "snap" the wrist causing the ball to come out of the stick in a straight line and bounce off the wall straight back into the stick kept in the box area

  • Keep the head of the stick in the box, NOT down off the shoulder. 

  • Make sure you change your foot stance as you change your hands 


Proper 2 Hand Technique:

  • Hold the stick with your top hand approximately half way down the shaft of the stick

  • Your opposite hand should cover the end cap

  • Snap the top wrist while bringing the bottom hand towards your dominant arm pit.  This will help to keep your stick in a vertical position. 

  • Keep the head of the stick in the box and be ready for the ball to return in a hurry 

  • Remember to also change your foot stance (lead foot) when you change your hands


Proper Canadian (Cross-hand) Technique:

  • Just like the two hand technique, except the player throws and catches with the top hand across his body and the head of the stick in the "box" near the opposite ear

Proper Way to Catch The Ball:

  • Soft hands are the key - you need to have some “give” when you catch the ball

  • Don't be stiff 

  • Always have the head of your stick in the box  Your top hand should be just under the head of the stick and slightly in front of your bottom hand when the pass is coming

  • Once the ball reaches your stick, your bottom hand should move in front of your top hand to allow enough “give” to catch the ball 

  • Always keep your head up and eyes on the ball all the way through the catch


Other Tips:

  • Stand 10 - 15 feet from the wall
  • The higher up the wall you throw the ball, the easier the return will be
  • Work your target on the wall down to a point in which the ball returns in a manner that mimics a pass from a teammate
  • Be sure all throws result in a catch in the “box.” 

Finally, always throw with your helmet and gloves on!