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The restraining line, a solid line (30) yards up field from each goal, extends across the width of the field.  Solid/hard boundaries were added to the game in 2006.  Total length can be from 110 to 140 yards, while total width can be from 60 to 70 yards.  There must always be at least 10 yards of space between the goal line and the end line at each end of the field.  There is a circle in the center of the field where the draw occurs.  Two (2) arcs are marked from the center of the goal line.  The eight meter arc with hash marks (4) meters away from each other bisect the arc.  The 12-meter fan runs out from the goal line extended.  Substitution area, used by both teams, is in front of the scorer’s table and is indicated by (2) hash marks placed (5) yards on either side of the midfield line.